Joseph Keyrouz

Joseph Keyrouz Biography

In Besharry, North Lebanon – Gibran Khalil Gibran’s hometown – in a family where music was a house fixture, Joseph Keyrouz was born, and the course was set for the world of Lebanese instrumentalists to receive, in time, one of its best.

Joseph grew up listening to a variety of music genres; from classical, to jazz, and all the way to oriental. And when the time came for him to move from mere listening to learning to play an instrument, he registered at the local Gibran Music Institute, where his hands-on experience first began.

Flute was his first choice. Then he moved around within the realm of wind instruments, until he finally met the love of his musical side; the saxophone. And they never parted ways since.

In the course of their history together, Joseph took the saxophone to a higher level of performance by mixing dance, oriental, pop, and jazz music, and “extracting” from his instrument a creative, refreshing, and unique musical blend.

In recent years, Joseph played at world-class venues in Lebanon (Phoenicia, Four Seasons, Movenpick, etc.) and added a special flavor to weddings and events beyond the borders (London, Paris, Dubai, Cairo, Amman, Qatar, KSA). He played with renowned Lebanese artists like Nancy Ajram, and also collaborated with Mouein Shreif and many others.

In addition to being a Virtuoso musician, Joseph has come to be an experienced music producer as well. His considerable portfolio includes works such as “3atel 3an El Horriyeh” by Mouein Shreif, “Kazabou 3leik” by Carole Sakr, the “Youriyyat” show with Youri Moura’adi as well as works of his own, the most recent being his long-awaited hit single “Spunk20”.

He is co-founder of, and a main partner in “Vice Versa Entertainment” group, which manages a wide range of shows since 2015, making it a one-stop shop for almost everything that revolves around the music industry.

Joseph’s hobbies and interests, as it happens, do not stray far from the craft of music, and in his leisure time, he is found at his state-of-the-art studio, trying out new recording mixes and arrangements in various genres, further strengthening his hold on the craft.